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Need Help?

Do you need help with getting started homeschooling, selecting curriculum, time management and scheduling, homeschooling while working, homeschooling high school, record keeping, report cards, transcripts, diplomas, etc? 

We can help! Click HERE to make your selection. 

  • Membership: $25

    • SSH's annual membership includes quarterly email updates on homeschool related issues, member only resources, efforts to protect home education freedom in the state, etc. ​

  • ID Card: $50 

    • SSH's personalized ID cards are mailed directly to your home and can be used at various locations to receive home education/teacher discounts, as well as verify home education status and membership as needed.​

  • Consultations: $45 (30-min homeschool consultation)

    • We are happy to help you get started on your homeschool journey! We can assist with getting started, "grade" placement, curriculum selection, navigating home education and your options, and so much more! ​

  • Report Card: $20

    • Our report cards include the name of your homeschool, courses your student is currently taking, grades.​

  • Transcript: $50

    • Need help with an end of high school transcript? We can help. Simply provide us with the necessary course information and we will prepare the document for you. ​

  • Diploma: $75

    • Our diplomas (cover included) contain the name of your homeschool and recognize the accomplishment of your student! ​

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