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Who is Homeschooling?

Prior to the 1980's, families needed to register with a private school (umbrella school) in order to homeschool their children. There was no legal alternative. During the 1980’s, homeschool families determined that another option to homeschool was needed to prevent perceived violations of the state's truancy laws. Those families worked with legislators to get the current law passed that allows families to register with their county as homeschoolers. All homeschoolers are appreciative and thankful for their efforts!

While the initial homeschool movement in the state was pushed forward and implemented predominately by families of faith, homeschooling has changed much since that time. Families homeschool for a variety of reasons and while many continue to homeschool due to their faith, not all do so. Parents have a plethora of reasons to homeschool, and each family has their own story as to how they got here. Each story is unique and special, but all have an underlying theme – WE want to be in charge of our children’s education and not rely on government run institutions to do so.


Some common reasons for homeschooling include but are not limited to:

*Customize or individualize the curriculum and learning environment

*Accomplish more academically

*Use pedagogical approaches other than those typical in public schools

*Enhance family relationships

*Provide guided and reasoned social interactions

*Provide a safer environment for children

*Provide an alternative when public or private institutional schools are closed (e.g., COVID-19 pandemic)

*Protect children from prejudice in public schools

*Teach and impart a particular set of values, beliefs, and worldview


Homeschool families come from all walks of life. We are a unique, diverse community and no two families are the same.  

The COVID-19 pandemic launched an increase in families who have decided to homeschool for various reasons. Those of us who were already homeschooling prior to COVID-19 say WELCOME!! You are now a part of a community that tends to be self-reliant and supportive of each other. The homeschool community is one where families help families. The homeschool community is not like any other community you have seen, been a part of, or will encounter elsewhere.

You can find current reports on home education here Facts & Figures ( Keep in mind that homeschoolers can either register with their county as a homeschooler OR with an umbrella school. Current information about umbrella school registration is included in the private school report because there is no legal difference between the two. This means that the report and statistics regarding home education in the state is much lower than it actually is.

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