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Sunshine hosts several themed group events each year! Dates for the 2024-2025 academic year are still in the works. Our group events include:

  • NOT Back to School Party (FREE) (August 16th)

  • Field Day (FREE) (TBA)

  • Pumpkin Party ($20 per student) (TBA)

  • Snow Day ($25 per student) (TBA)

  • Girls Day ($20 per student) (TBA)

  • Puzzle Day ($10 per student) (TBA)

  • Slime Party ($40 per student) (TBA)

  • It's Still Summer End of Year Party (FREE) (TBA)



Sunshine has organized TEEN dances since 2015! We have 3-4 TEEN dances each academic year. We also have tween dances for our younger homeschoolers.

Upcoming Dances

Endless Summer Teen Dance: July 24 ($20 per teen)

Let's Glow Crazy (tweens): Sept. 25 ($15 per tween)

FALL BALL (Teen Dance): TBA ($20 per teen)

Winter Wonderland (Teen Dance): TBA ($20 per teen)

EPIC Teen Dance: TBA ($20 per teen)

Spring Tween: TBA ($15 per tween)


Sunshine celebrates our seniors each year with their own unique Senior Graduation & Celebration!

Graduation 2025 (TBA)

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