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Florida Empowerment Scholarship Unique Abilities

Homeschool students who have unique abilities can receive the FES-UA scholarship and maintain their FREEDOM in educating their children. Homeschoolers can be registered with their county OR with an umbrella school. Umbrella schools are considered “home education programs” according to the FES-US. More information about the FES-UA can be found here Family Empowerment Scholarship (Previously Gardiner) - Step Up For Students

Personalized Education Program

This scholarship is new and was passed with HB1 in spring 2023. The PEP is a "school choice" scholarship. Due to the requirements and oversight of those who receive the funds, they are not legally considered homeschool students. Instead, children are registered with a Florida Department of Education approved scholarship funding organization (third party). For these families, they must submit an annual Student Learning Plan.  Recipients must take Florida Department of Education national norm-references tests and submit the results to the funding organization at the end of each academic year. Recipients will have to cover specific subjects and content in order to prepare for the end of year test. Because the PEP is new and recipients are not considered homeschool students, answers to questions regarding the PEP should be directed to the funding organization. In its current form, we do not support the PEP and believe it needs to be revised to protect the educational freedom of home educated students and their families.

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